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This is the 11 April 2017 Edition of our Class Web Site. We are rolling along in the 241st Year of our Independence and the 64th Year of our Association with Mother Bancroft.

I ask that all who have a recent photo or two, pass them along to me and I will publish all that are fit to print! I am about to experiment with video on the site. The first attempt will, likely, be amateurish but , hopefully, some of you will send me some video that will be a lot more professional.

What’s New (or Fairly New) in This Edition

There is, on the
Deceased Classmates sub-page, a current list of our now departed Classmates. It is accurate as best known to Paul and the Alumni Association as of 1 April, 2017. As always corrections are welcome and should be sent to Paul.

Flash! Flash! FLASH!!There is a Revised 60th Reunion Schedule and two useful Reunion items (Transportation Schedule and and maps of Annapolis and USNA) published on the Reunions Page. Let's all gather at the river, Severn, that is!

There is, on the "What We Do" page, five reports by your Webmeister. First is the annual Bowers report on their travels. Second is a link to Robert Phillips and his adventures with his Ferrari.

Third is a report from our stalwart oarsmen, Art Wright and Roger McPherson, who took part in the World Rowing Masters Regatta(WRMR) in Copenhagen last September.

Fourth is a report of a recent visit to USNA by your WebMeister as a guest lecturer to a class of our Holder of our Chair in Naval Heritage, Nick Lambert. A fine time and a wonderful experience!!

Fifth is the report of the Spring adventures of the Second Battalion Fishing Team last Spring, complete with a testimonial to water safety. Jim, “Bass Man”, Paulk and your Webmeister star prominently in a “submariner and aviator practice survival swimming” episode. Read it and laugh, since it’s now history!

There is always room for such adventures and your WebMeister pleads for submissions, no matter how mundane your own adventure seems to you.

Photos and Reports of Activities Wanted!!!

Your Class WebMeister continues to solicit photos from all of us doing any of those things that some of us are still capable of doing!! Few, if any, travels, activities, or gatherings are too inconsequential to be shared with the Class. The Web Site is a good place to do so.

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