This page provides information regarding Class Reunions, recent and future. Apologies for whatever blur or fuzzy lies below. Multiple copying/reformatting is the culprit or gremlin for our older Mates. Complaints can be addressed to anybody that will listen, maybe even me!!

From Peter and Dave on 28 July 2021


Our 65th Reunion Hotel is now accepting room reservations. 

Our Reunion dates at the Graduate Annapolis Hotel are:

3 - 6 May 2022. The schedule of key events is: 

Tuesday 3 May: Welcome Reception; 

Wednesday 4 May: Memorial Service, Company / Battalion Parties

Thursday 5 May: Reunion Banquet

Friday 6 May: Farewell Brunch

To make your room reservation:

Go to the Graduate Annapolis hotel email address:

From your WebMeister! I cannot, for some reason, make this work as a link! Please copy and paste into your browser!

You need only enter our group code (USNA57) to make your room reservation.

Best regards,

Peter and Dave

From Peter and Dave on 18 March 2020:

Below there is a 65th Reunion information letter (dated 25 February 2020) from us. That letter announces our 65th Reunion dates as 27 April to 1 May 2022 at the Graduate Annapolis Hotel (former Loews Hotel).

Due to Covid-19 related issues, the dates of our 65th Reunion have been changed to Tuesday 3 May through Friday 6 May 2022 at the Graduate Annapolis Hotel.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best to all and stay well.

Peter & Dave

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From Peter and Dave on 25 February 2020:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dave Cooper and I are privileged to represent you in the planning and conduct of our 65th Reunion. The Reunion is scheduled for 27 April to 1 May 2022. Our Reunion Hotel will be the former Loews Hotel. Loews has been sold to another organization. It is now named Graduate Annapolis. It has been dramatically redecorated in a totally nautical fashion. Our planning is made difficult in that we will have problems, based on our advanced ages, to determine how many of us will be able to attend the Reunion.

Today we went to Annapolis to negotiate our contract.The contract requires a guarantee of number of rooms reserved (which can be modified as we get closer to the actual date) and a minimum guarantee of the value of food and beverages consumed. The Hotel contract negotiator was totally sympathetic to our situation. She offered many concessions which left us comfortable that we could meet the provisions of the contract.

This is the first Reunion status report. Others will be submitted as we have new information.

Best to all. Keep well.

Peter & Dave