This page provides information regarding Class Reunions, recent and future. Apologies for whatever blur or fuzzy lies below. Multiple copying/reformatting is the culprit or gremlin for our older Mates. Complaints can be addressed to anybody that will listen, maybe even me!!


The Reunion Memorial Service was held on Wednesday morning at the Chapel (whose dome shines like a Plebe’s spit-shined shoe). We arranged to have that Service filmed by a professional and that worked well. Here is a link to a Youtube channel for viewing the Service:

The professional (Name on Request!!) who did the filming cleaned up the sound track by reducing the reverberations that the Chapel produces due to the stone walls and tall ceilings. The resulting sound track is easily understood but Closed Caption is available by clicking on the “CC” button at the bottom of the window. The film runs about 45 minutes.

WebMeister has copies that can be downloaded for both Mac (.MOV) and PC (.MP4). Those files are HUGE but there is a way to pass them to Classmates that might desire same. Please email me and I’ll arrange to transmit the files.

Class of 1957 with Wives, Girlfriends, Children, and Assorted Hangers-on!!


Roll Call of Deceased Classmates

First Battallion

Second Battallion
Third Battallion
Cleve E. Loman
John A. Ciula
Delmar E. Snider
James J. Spillane
George W. Jensen
Richard H. Oates
Richard H. Dolliver
Donald E. Croucher
Robert F. Dundervill
Victor H. Prushan
James M. Gallagher
Stephen T. Powers
John R. Jefferies
Terrence E. Hobbs
Robert N. Liston
Peter . Watcher
William K. Romoser
Richard O. Wisti
Douglas B. Gibson
Charles P. Silvia
Albert L. Pagani
Sherwood L. Ritchie
Philip N. Papaccio
Robert C. Lipscomb
Ronald M. Del Duca
David M. North
Jerry G. Patterson
Nelson B. Johnson
George F. Dempsey
Edmund N. Benes
James H. Foresman
James R. Reid
William C. McIlvain
Paul O. Behrends
Charles F. Noll
Harry E. Wells
James R. Simsarian
Thomas J. Spinello
Orrie G. Hiett
Richard H. Knauf
Dick Sargent
Charles E, Jr. Biele
Francis H. Stoodley
Edward F. Welsh
Richard G. Adams
Samuel H. Hall
Charles L. Willems
Walter L. Hogg
John B. Shewmaker
Robert W. Christenson
Arthur T. Spring
Bruce R. Tapper
George R. Blessing
Paul M. O'Brien
Edward B. Vaughan
Jack M. De Waal
Elwin J. Sasser
Mark M. Lenhart
James C (JC). Eddins
David M. Collins
Arthur H. Hartwig
Ferdinand C. Dugan
William E. Smith
Thomas J. Burke
Robert M. McIntyre
Nickolas J. Frank
Daniel E. McGlasson
Peter A. Baker
Karl W. Koch
Gerald Sedor
Daniel L. Roudebush
Douglas L. Lowrance
Donald J. Couture
Donald L. Mitchell
Philip C. Holmen
William C. Knodle
Charles J. Diehlmann
Thomas E. Ross
Ray W. Dove
Paul E. Graff
Donald L. Hicks
George F. Warren
Robert H. Bruton
Don A. Clark
Carter M. Glass
Benjamin J. Bonner
Robert F. Deegan
Richard D. Furiga

Bryan W. Barton
Bennet S. Simonton

Roy A. Kensinger
Richard N. Charles

Ernest P. Bahler

James H Sturtevant

Alan R. Thoeny

Robert T. Lutz

Fourth Battallion
Fifth Battallion
Sixth Battallion
Philip Arcuni
Lawrence E. McCullough
Charles W. Jones
Philip N. Mandel
Jack P. Monroe
Ernest L. Jenkins
Edward L. Stewart
Henry F. Rempt
Warner P. Basse
Carleton J. King
Richard B. Renner
A. Brant Donalson
Frederick C. Weiss
Nicholas G. Gionis
Robert A. Doragh
James L. Stephens
Robert I. Heisner
Thomas R. Fox
John D. Jerome
Marshall L. Dorman
Stanley E. Bator
James P. McMurrough
Kenmore R. McManes
Robert H. Rositzke
Richard T. Vosseller
Spencer A. McManes
James W. Zeberlein
Robert F. Weiland
Wayne R. Fritz
Lawrence E. Masten
James R. Gant
Martin D. Kiefer
Harry R. Moore
John D. Balent
Ronald E. Rau
Gerald M. Anderson
John R. Johnson
Kermit W. Greeneisen
Michael J. Kelly
William J. Tirschfield
James P. O'Hara
Roger H. Rotondi
Leon N. Beard
Joseph J. Gawarkiewicz
Joseph F. Ballou
Harold M. Nelson
Rufus N. McCord
Donald R. Crandall
Edward F. Nikkola
Joseph P. Junker
Bernard R. Kompa
Robert A. Nelson
Robert R. Babbin
Philip G. Billings
William A. Abbott
Robert A. Mazik
Dennis M. Brooks
Donald L. Hirst
Tommy D. Sawyer
Donald J. Lisa
Richard I. Smith
Harvey B. Atkinson
John P. Myers
Ronald K. Zilar
John A. Homnick
David R. Mabry
George E. O'Brien
Lloyd D. Follmer
William G. Lange
Philip W. Criswell
Herman Swanagan
Richard C. Gentz
Rudolph H. Driftmier
Graham R. Oslin
Robert F. Atwell
Edward R. Buckley
Alan P. Hemphill
Duane F. Greenhoe
Robert E. Delashmitt
Michael J. Trimpert
James M. Helmke
David J. Rosser
Samuel M. Purvis
Owen C. Baker

Joseph F. Neary

Robert F. Wiesenauer
No Company Assigned

Harold E. Shepherd
Roy A. Scott
William L. Nuenke
Edwin M. Nelson