Book Reviews

This Page and the Sub-Pages are devoted to books reviewed or written or even both by a Member of the Association of the Class of 1957. The Sub-Pages are categorized by the nature of the books contained thereon. The list below serves as an index and clicking on a title will take you to the Sub-Page that contains that review. Books are listed in the order received, displaying title, author, and reviewer.

Any and all Members of the Association are invited to submit reviews of books that they have found to be interesting and suspect that other members of the Association might find likewise. All that is required is a short summary (Sixth Grade Book Report style) of the book, its author and, perhaps, publishing house and year published. If you have a scanner (most printers nowadays have that capability) just scan the cover and save as a JPG file. Send those to the
Class WebMeister and, Lo and Behold!, shortly the review will be added to the collection.