Changing Your E-Mail on any of the Yahoo Chat Groups

For those who are members of any of the Class Chat Groups and find a need to change their e-mail address with the Group: E-Mail is the only thing that a member must do themselves. Below is a process for doing so.

Here’s the process. Go to the Home Page for Wardroom for USNA57
for USNA57 Photo Group

At the far left you’ll see a wheel. Click there and you’ll see a pull-down. Select Account Info. That takes you to a Personal Info Page. You’ll see your name and under it “Full Name”. Click on “Full Name”. That takes you to a “Your Contact Information” page. You’ll see a “Yahoo E-mail” section. At the bottom of that you’ll see a Green Cross followed by “Add E-mail”. Click on that. Box will open and you put your new e-mail in the box. Go all the way down the page and click on”Save”. Wait a bit and there will be a line behind the new e-mail "Unverified - Verify Now”. Click on “Verify Now”.

Then there will be some business about verifying the new e-mail. Follow those instructions and after you get the email from Yahoo that says the new e-mail is verified, go to the home page as above.

Near the right hand side of the Navigation Bar at the top of the page you’ll see a pull-down labelled “Membership”. Click there and look at the bottom of the box where you’ll see “Edit Membership”. Click there and you’ll be taken to a page called “My Membership”. Near the top of that page is “Identity” with a pencil behind the word. Click on the pencil and the box changes and you should see an option “Add new E-mail”. Use that to insert your desired e-mail and then choose it as your e-mail address.

Click “Save”.

That should do it.

Some of our IT experts might know a shorter way and, if so, I'd like to know it. Send it to
me and I'll replace (or maybe add to) the above.