Below are two links to PDF files containing listings our deceased classmates. One file is sorted alphabetically. The other is sorted by date of death. Both files are accurate as of 19 September 2019 as best known to both Paul and the Alumni Association. If anyone spots any discrepancies or has new information, please pass that to either
Paul Behrends or Bill Peerenboom. Paul is our Data Base Main Man and one of Bill’s duties, as Class VP, is to coordinate with Paul on Class Deceased Issues.

Depending on your browser, you might have to “Drag ’n Drop” the high-lighted title to your desktop. For others, a single click will open the file as a browser page.

Deaths reported subsequent to the compilation of the below report will be listed individually.

Deced_2019_SEPT_19 Alpha (REV04)

Deced_2019_SEPT_19 CHRON (REV04)